Board of Directors
President: Bill Frantz, AE6JV
Vice President: Bobby Barnett (KA4VBF)
Secretary: Jon Kelley, K6WV
Treasurer: Peri Frantz, KI6SLX
2017-2018: Jim Peterson, K6EI
Svend Jensen, KF6EMB
Kevin Smith (KK6VF)
2016-2017: John Glass, NU6P
Bill Fehring, W9KKN
Dave Schultheis, WB6KHP
Presidential Appointments
DX SIG Dennis Lyden, AG6HE
Education Scott Emery, AD6RY
Field Day Coordinators Jim Peterson, K6EI
Roster/Database Manager Jon Kelley, K6WV
Flea Market Coordinator Greg DeBrisay, N6GD
Heterodyne Editor Phil Verinsky, W6PK
Holiday Party (open)
Internet Postmaster Phil Verinsky, W6PK
Internet Webmaster Larry Goodwin, KG6ENF
Meeting Greeter Dave Schultheis, WB6KHP
Meeting Refreshments Kevin Smith, KK6VF
Net Coordinator Kevin Smith, KK6VF
Publicity and Recruiting (open)
Quartermaster/Inventory (open)
Repeater Control Operator Chuck Kamas, AD6CL
Repeater Trustee Chuck Kamas, AD6CL
Repeater Technician Chuck Kamas, AD6CL
Sergeant at Arms (open)
Summer Picnic Coordinator (open)
W6PIY & W6ZZZ Trustee Chuck Kamas, AD6CL

To volunteer for an unfilled position, contact the Association President.

View “Guidelines for Future West Valley Presidents.pdf

Officers, directors and presidential appointeess listed above may be contacted directly via e-mail addresses with their callsign @