Monthly Meeting Schedule

2022 Meeting schedule

Date Speaker Topic
January 12 Tim Duffy, K3LR Grounding/Bonding for RFI Mitigation
February 9 Bryan Klofas, KF6ZEO  “12 grams Around the World: Picoballoons and Radiosondes”
March 9 Michelle Paquette AA6MP The theory behind compact loop antennas

April 13

Jim Peterson, K6EI Top Band — the 160 meters band
May 11 Jim Peterson, K6EI All Things Field Day
June 8 Stan Dye, KC7ZXE Fun with Nano VNAs
July 13   No Meeting
August 10   No Meeting
August 13   Annual BBQ – 11am at Sunnyvale’s Baylands Park
September 14 Dean Wood, N6DE Updates on plans for the California QSO Party
October 12  
November 9    
December 14    

Previous meetings can be viewed on our Meetings History Page.

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