Monthly Meeting Schedule

2024 Meeting Schedule

January 10
Clay Couger (N5YJZ)
Scott Nacey (KK6IK) 
Parks-On-The-Air (POTA)
See post for more details.
February 7
ATTENTION: One week earlier just for this month!
Dr Richard G Ranson,
The care and feeding of your nanoVNA. See post for more details.
March 13 We will discuss what worked in 2023 and a few changes that are in-store for 2024
April 10Ralph SimpsonSecret radio communications during WW2 and the cracking of Enigma
May 8 Mark Aaker, K6UFOHow to be more effective at FT8 contesting
June 12Ed Fong, WB6IQNuSDX+ ultra compact transceiver
& Finalize Field Day plans
July/AugustNo evening Meetings in July or August
August 10Annual BBQ at Badlands Park
September 11 
October 9
November 13
December 11

2023 Meeting schedule

Date Speaker Topic
February 8 Steve Sergeant, KC6ZKT Winter Field Day Highlights & The Model-T of Computers
March 8 Paul Wesling, KM6LH Silicon Valley’s Ham Radio Roots.   View the edited video of the talk (48:50, plus Q&A with Steve Wozniak WA6BND): View Video
April 12 Kristen McIntyre, K6WX A Wire in the Air: What Matters Most
April 23   Field Day Antenna Clean-up & Prep at Svend’s QTH
May 10 Jim Peterson, K6EI All Things Field Day!
May 27   Field Day Antenna Party in Sunnyvale
June 14 Jim Moss, N9JIM  ARDEN Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network
September 13 Dean Wood, N6DE Update on plans for the California QSO Party
October 11 Jim Peterson, K6EI  Reducing your RF exposure risk
November 8 Ed Fong, WB6IQN Ed will explain how PLL’s work in a non mathematical presentation.

2022 Meeting schedule

Date Speaker Topic
January 12 Tim Duffy, K3LR Grounding/Bonding for RFI Mitigation
February 9 Bryan Klofas, KF6ZEO  “12 grams Around the World: Picoballoons and Radiosondes”
March 9 Michelle Paquette AA6MP The theory behind compact loop antennas

April 13

Jim Peterson, K6EI Top Band — the 160 meters band
May 11 Jim Peterson, K6EI All Things Field Day
June 8 Stan Dye, KC7ZXE Fun with Nano VNAs
July 13   No Meeting
August 10   No Meeting
August 13   Annual BBQ – 11am at Sunnyvale’s Baylands Park
September 14 Dean Wood, N6DE Updates on plans for the California QSO Party
October 12 Jim Peterson, K6EI, Update on how to detect, identify, locate, and reduce Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) around your station.
November 10 Steve Sergeamt, KC6ZKT Winter Field Day Plans
December 17   HOLIDAY PARTY / BBQ,
11am – 1pm, Saturday,
Silicon Valley Red Cross Building Patio on the east-facing side of the facility.  We can shift indoors to Room 3 if it rains. The Red Cross building is at 2731 N. First Street at Plumeria Drive (southwest corner) in San Jose.   If you haven’t been to the Red Cross in a while, “talk-in” is usually available on the Association’s repeaters. Best choice would be 2m/220.  

Previous meetings can be viewed on our Meetings History Page.

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