Monthly Meeting Schedule


Due to the coronavirus, the our Wednesday night meetings will be Virtual meetings via Zoom. They will start at 7:00pm and we recommend that you signs-in before the start time so we can begin at 7:00.

2020 Meeting Schedule

January 8
Steve Sergeant, KC6ZKT
Winter Field Day Plans
February 12
Ron Quan, KI6AZB
Troubleshooting Electronic Circuits
March 11
Bill Fehring, W9KKN

Bill’s Excellent Adventure at Contest Station ZF1A

April 8
 Ed Fong, WB6IQN

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)

Due to the coronavirus, the April WVARA meeting will NOT be held at the Red Cross Building. Instead, we will hold a virtual meeting via Zoom at 7pm on Wednesday, April 8. 
At this month’s meeting Edison Fong, WB6IQN, will bring us up to speed on DMR (Digital Mobile Radio).  This mode is getting really popular.  The radios cost about $100-$150 depending on the quality you want.  All of them  also have conventional FM.  DMR is a full digital format that is interfaced via the internet where one can 24/7 talk all over the world.  The dream of working DX sitting on your couch is here.  Since it is an open system originally set up  by Motorola there are over 15 manufacturers of DMR radios – both hand held and mobiles.  Learn how to get register as a DMR user, where to purchase a radio, how to program the radio and talk to the world without depending on propagation conditions.
Ed is a design consultant and has worked at Loral Space System, Microsoft and National Semiconductor. He has 25 years of experience in analog design for communications, data conversion and RF systems. Fong has 12 issued patents and has published more than 40 papers. He is a senior member of the IEEE. He also is on the faculty of UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valley, where he teaches RF Wireless Communications and I/O Design Fundamentals. 
May 13

George Zafiropoulos (KJ6VU) 

Virtual presentation on PackTennas — lightweight, compact, portable HF antenna systems ideal for a simple, solo Field Day.  George will tell us the story of these antennas, explain their design, and give tips on how to get the most from them.

June 10
Jim DeLoach, WU0I

Tales of an Alaskan Field Day Adventure.

No Meeting
August 15
Cancelled due to COVID-19
September 9 Dean Wood, N6DE California QSO Party. See all the information in this Post


October 14
David Brown, WR6Z

Fun on 900 MHz, Here is a link to the presentation PDF.

November 11 Keith Snyder, KI6BDR
At this month’s meeting, Keith Snyder (KI6BDR) will give a virtual presentation on the Russian Woodpecker Over the Horizon Radar – A Real Blast from the Past.   I’m really looking forward to this one since many of us older hams remember encountering this signal on-the-air.
In addition, Steve KC6ZKT will give us an update on plans for Winter Field Day and how you can get involved.   (Winter Field Day will be January 30/31).
Keith’s Presentation Part 1 PDF. Part 2 PDF
December 9

Steve Sergeant, KC6ZKT

Steve will give us a presentation on 70cm Portable Repeaters. Zoom Meeting

Previous meetings can be viewed on our Meetings History Page.

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