Field Day 2021

As always, Field Day will be the fourth full weekend of June, which in 2021 occurs on June 26-27.  Our club has done Field Day from the top of Mora Hill fourteen years in a row.  Unfortunately, last year’s state and county COVID-19 restrictions forced us to operate in a less centralized way, and that situation is the case this June as well. 

WVARA like last year will conduct Field Day in a decentralized way.  All WVARA members are encouraged to participate in Field Day using whatever station category they prefer.  Ways that WVARA members can operate Field Day include:  Class B – Battery (one or two person portable / Battery), Class C (mobile), Class D (home station, commercial power), and Class E (home station, emergency power).   For Field Day 2021, the ARRL has loosened the rules so that Class D stations may work all other Field Day stations, including other Class D stations, for points.  Class D and Class E stations will be limited to 150 W PEP output.  And don’t forget, you don’t need to operate CW or SSB in order to participate in Field Day.  Last year saw a big jump in the number of Field Day contacts using FT8.

A downloadable pdf describing our Field Day site in greater detail is available at here.

Visit our Field Day History Page that goes back to 2002.