Field Day 2019

Field Day will be the weekend of June 21-23

WHAT:Field Day is a great opportunity to get outdoors, gain experience assembling equipment in the rough, and operate a station under challenging band conditions. This year we will operate QRP (low power, 5 watts max) in the 9A Battery category with phone, CW, and digital HF stations as well as a satellite ground station, a Get On The Air station for visitors, and multiple VHF/UHF stations. To see details on our site last year, refer to:

WHERE:This year’s Field Day operation will be at the top of Mora Hill located in the San Antonio Open Space Reserve near the Magdalena exit off of Highway 280 in Los Altos Hills. This site overlooks the Silicon Valley from an elevation of 500 feet

WHEN:We will be setting up on Friday, June 21. Field Day operations officially begin Saturday, June 22, at 11am and continues until 11am Sunday. Our goal is to keep all of the HF stations in operation the full 24 hours. Tear-down and packing actives will probably last from 11am until about 2pm Sunday afternoon. If you have any questions, you can reach us via

A downloadable pdf describing our Field Day site in greater detail is available at here.

Visit our Field Day History Page that goes back to 2002.