On The Air


The WVARA Net is held every Tuesday evening at 8:30 PM on all of the W6PIY repeaters, which are automatically cross-linked during the time of the Nets. Guests and visitors are welcome to check in. The net provides the latest information concerning Association activities. It also provides emergnecy communications training for the acting Net Control Station. If you wish to volunteer to be a net control station, please listen to the net a few times, obtain the latest copy of the Net Control Script and then contact the Net Manager to volunteer for an open date.

The Los Gatos ARES Net takes place on Tuesdays at 7:45 PM on the VHF repeaters.


The 6 meter repeater is currently down for repair.

Our association operates five repeaters with the association callsign W6PIY. They are all located atop Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, CA (near the interchange of highways 17 and 85). All repeaters have full autopatch and emergency dial capabilities.

The 2 meter, 6 meter, and 220 megahertz repeaters have been cross-linked full time since the late 1980’s. The 70cm and 1.2GHz repeaters, our relatively newer repeaters, have been cross-linked full-time since 1998. With a recent upgrade to the repeater controller, all the repeaters (not just VHF any more) have a Digital Voice Recorder. All five repeaters become cross-linked during the Association’s Tuesday night Net so you can participate from any repeater. All of the repeaters are “open.” The coverage is good in most of the south Bay Area. Our repeater technician is Chuck Kamas, AD6CL and our association trustee is Jim Patrick, KB6VF.

WVARA Repeaters (W6PIY)
Band Frequency PL Status
6 meters 52.580- 151.4 Hz Operating
2 meters 147.39+ 151.4 Hz Operating
1.25 meters 223.96- 156.7 Hz Operating
.70 meters 441.35+ 88.5 Hz Operating
.23 meters 1286.2- 100 Hz Operating

6 Meters, 2 meters, 1.25 meters (220) are linked
.70 meters and .23 meters (1.2gig) are linked.